Monday, June 30, 2008

The Small Guys Fight Back-Horse racing

Hi Bettors

I'll be completely blunt with you...

Betting is risky. Everyone knows that. But you know what's most destructive? The junk info, often heftily overpriced, promoted by the so-called gurus. If you're worn out by the over-promise, under-deliver courses…I have good news for you here…

My punter friend, Kevin Ng, has cracked the Betfair hidden code…

The secret is doing what the elites are doing, not learning the crap they teach.

Kevin has been using his system for long to effectively churn out “fresh” money from Betfair, day after day, hassle-free. He’s doing it all from the dark, nobody knows…

But recently, so pissed seeing small guys (like he used to be) being bullied by the so-called gurus, Kevin has decided to unleash his ultimate profit-pulling system, as a token to the war against those big guys. I proudly present to you Kevin’s Cracking Betfair:

Find out how to win money from Betfair by:

**Scientifically and precisely picking out the right horse from an appropriate race to place your bet on, be it a lay or a back bet.
**Professionally staking to manage and grow your bank account.

It doesn’t matter you are backing or laying, there’s only one same result: PROFIT

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Winning system for bettors...

Hi bettors

In Sunday we expect very exciteable Final EURO 2008's big challenge for bettors...

8:45 PM Germany 2.85 X 3.25 Spain 2.35 (2)

My friend, Tyler Yuen - who is among the top professional soccer punters, is releasing his Winning System. He has been using these Winning Strategies to pull in huge fortune. And now he is enjoying a greatly successful life...

Sportbook news:

With some of the NFL's teams starting minicamps and training camps and pre-season a little more than a month away, grumblings have already begun on behalf of some the league's players about potential hold-outs during pre-season. Additionally, some disgruntled stars have been talking about sitting out training camp for one reason or another. Most notably this season complaints have come from Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress and a few others. The possibility for hold-outs and trained player-front office relations during the pre-season seems to be at an all time high as the summer rolls toward the start of the season.
That said, and with fan speculation growing at a fever pitch regarding whether or not their teams will see pre-season strife, posted odds on which NFL player is most likely to hold out or sit out prior to the start of the season.

"Passion for the NFL, teams, and players on the part of fans is always high," stated spokesman Reed Richards. "What doesn't seem to be such a constant is a return of the adoration and respect on the part of players. Fans are extremely intuitive when it comes to their favorite players and teams and they can sense when something is amiss. As such, we saw it as our duty to provide them answers and relieve some of their speculative angst regarding any pre-season blow-ups between players and their team's front office."

Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds on player who might sit-out or hold out:
Titans DT Albert Haynesworth 3/1
Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs 2/1
Lions WR Roy Williams 10/1
Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin 5/1
Giants TE Jeremy Shockey 1/1
Dolphins DE Jason Taylor 2/1
Eagles CB Lito Sheppard 10/1
Rams RB Steven Jackson 15/1
Bears LB Brian Urlacher 15/1
Bucs QB Jeff Garcia 7/1


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Football Top Trumps...

Hi Bettors

What's new in your betting life...are you enjoying on EURO 2008 soccer...

Victor Chandler are pleased to announce the latest addition to their online games offering - Football Top Trumps. The classic football card game is now available to play on VC, both for fun and real money. The aim of the game is to predict whether the card you hold is the top trump, so whether the statistics on your card are better than card held by the dealer. Each card displays six different statistics that relate to the specific player, as well as the relevant percentage payouts, and you have the choice of which statistic you wish to bet on. The deck consists of 30 cards and includes some of the best footballers in the world. In keeping with classic Top Trumps game play, it is always the highest number that wins."VC Games - Click here to sign-up now and get a Free £10

Play Top Trumps at Victor Chandler


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Soccer Winning strategies....

Hi Bettors

Tonight we have to watching one very unpredictibe EURO tournament quater-final's be careful how much money you intend to place on next macth:

8:45 PM Spain 2.45 X 3.10 Italy 2.85 (2) -my recommedation...

I thought you would want to know about a new resource I’ve just discovered… I’ve just ran across a new product that can help you immediately generate instant profit and positively blow the lid off anything you’ve tried before.

It’s called “Soccer Bet Winning System” by Tyler Yuen and check out what a few customers have to say about it:

“ Tyler, I’m stunned with your betting strategies. They are exactly what I have been looking for,… very easily understood and used. Thanks to yours, now I know how to earn a living by betting on soccer…” - Francis Hawk, Indiana, US

“Your system is easy to use but so damn effective. I won a small sum of cash which allows me to live freely for several months. I’m gonna ask my son to use your strategies…” - James Thomas, London, UK

“Wow, as what you promised, your strategies helped me to pull in constant profit with minimum time spent. I will recommend your system to my betting friends…” Sergio, Florence, Italy

With comments like these I suggest you check out the Soccer Bet Winning System for yourself.

And there is absolutely no risk because it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 8 weeks – so if Soccer Bet Winning System didn’t work you can be sure they wouldn’t have such a powerful guarantee.

Plus, for a limited time you’ll get a discount of 65% and 3 free bonuses, consisting of those other online betting systems. The first bonus alone is worth many times your investment.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

No Risk Sports Betting System

Hi Bettors...

If you serious sports bettors then I have great information for you....

Is there really a betting system that lets you profit from every race?

You bet! Check this out…

Can you believe it? It's a system that never fails. No more risking your money. Stop listening to the 'losers' who have steered you wrong in the past. With this system, you just can't lose. It puts you right in the winner's circle, along with others who've been using this method.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Can you really turn $200 into $100,000...

Hi Bettors

How are you, do you enjoying in Euro soccer tournament...I have to confess that I watching great soccer and great scored goals's realy amazing...I have been suprised with Turkish players they don't give up...

On Tuesday's matches 17 June my recommended pick's look at:

8:45 PM France 2.55 X 3.75 Italy 2.35(2)
8:45 PM Netherlands 2.70 X 3.90 Romania 2.20(1)

Predict the correct score of each match during Euro 2008 and if you Beat Victor’s return we’ll give you a £10 free bet!!!If you are the overall winner we will give you a £5,000 free bet...Open An Account

Betting strategy recommend: I'm sure you've heard the same hype all before - you know what I'm talking about - all those over hyped nonsense promising the earth and delivering nothing. Well, today I'm here to tell you that FINALLY there is someone who really wants to help you make money betting on sports online....So join Bookie Buster program today to get back in control of your own sports betting...

P.s. good luck to all...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

BetUS Posts Tim Donagy Odds‏

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Are you satisfied with EURO soccer by now...have you any winning bets on EURO Tournament......don't have betting strategy then learn more here...


BetUS Posts Odds on All Things Tim Donagy
June 11, 2008 New York: Disgraceful scoundrel and former NBA referee Tim Donagy who pleaded guilty last year to felony charges alleging he took cash payoffs from gamblers and bet on games is back in the news this week. A letter filed Tuesday in Brooklyn by a lawyer for Tim Donaghy in his federal gambling case alleges the inappropriate relationships influenced the outcomes of games. He claims one general manager in 2004 made a game-day phone call to referees to encourage them to call more personal fouls against an opponent.

Now prosecutors asked a judge to consider giving Donaghy a break on his sentence for gambling on NBA games to reward his "substantial assistance" in an investigation that resulted in indictment and guilty pleas of a professional gambler and a middleman, both former high school classmates of the referee.

Are this scumbag's indictments true? What will be the outcome? Will he get off the hook? With NBA fans across the country hoping for the worst for Donagy, the largest, most successful sportsbook on the web, are aiding them in their quest for answers. Analysts at the site posted odds on all things Tim Donagy.

Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds on what's next for Tim Donagy:
Odds on another NBA ref to come forward with allegations 9/5
Odds that Donagahy is lying 7/2
Odds on pet name he is given in prison by Bubba:
Mary 6/4
Tina 14/5
Chrissy 2/1
Odds on Donagy's favorite activity when in prison
Talking to himself 10/1
Making paper doll cut outs7/1
Feeding pigeons3/1
Doing "favors"1/1
Over/under on amount of weight he loses while in prison: 30lbs
Will it be a sunny or dark day when Donagy goes to prison?
Sunny day 10/13
Dark day 5/13


Saturday, June 7, 2008

EURO 2008 Tournamnet...

Hi Bettors

The game is start over, Are you prepared yourself for the holiday's of football....

Euro 2008 Promotions!
Throughout Euro 2008, Victor Chandler will be running the following sportsbook promotions on every game...Open An Account

1st Scorer – 2nd Chance
If you bet on a player to score the first goal of a match and he doesn’t, but then goes on to score later in the game, we will refund your stake as a free bet. (Offer applies to standard 90 mins only + added time, not extra time)
Click here now for your Free Bet
Money for Nothing
If you place a bet on the correct score of a match, first scorer in a match, or the double result (correct score at half-time and then full-time) and that match then ends up as a 0-0 tie after 90 minutes plus time added, we will refund your stake as a free bet.

All Games Bet at 104%
Victor Chandler once again offers incredible value odds on all matches throughout Euro 2008, passing on the profit to the punter....

Football Strategy: Secret to Making A Fortune At Football Betting just $47, Learn the exact same secret that allows 1 man to earn thousands a month betting on football online while everyone else are losing money.

Good luck to all during this football tournament...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Odds on All Things Scripps National Spelling Bee

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So waht's happen in your betting endeavour, What's you planning for this week where you place your havenot idea which betting strategy to apply then discover your betting freedom here...


NEW YORK May 20, 2008 - Young students from across the US and Canada will have to out-spell 287 other middle school students beginning May 29 if they're going to take home a trophy, $35,000 in cash and recognition as the best speller in the country at the 2008 Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington.

The buzz surrounding the "Bee" as it's known in intellectual and crazed parental circles has grown exponentially in recent years, and in 2008, the hype is ready to explode. People are completely mesmerized by the spectacle of nerdy stardom and nowhere else is this more evident than in the huge up-tick in site traffic at the largest, most successful sportsbook on the web by site0users looking to wager on every possible scenario regarding the world's largest educational challenge. posted odds on every possible Bee scenario – including whether the winner will be wearing the stereotypical studious costume of spectacular spectacles! Whoa, try spelling that three times fast!!!!!!

Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on all things Scripps National Spelling Bee:

Gender of winner
Male 5/7
Female 1/1

Winner to wear glasses
Yes 1/1
No 5/7

Length of winning word
Over 8.5 2/3
Under 8.5 11/10

For more sports and entertainment odds, visit