Thursday, July 24, 2008

With Pre-season training camps starting up, Speculation grow on a number of touchy early season subjects...

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How are you what's happen in your betting life....I have some exciting betting news...
With NFL training camps getting underway and pre-season games on the horizon some intriguing story lines have already emerged. Fan and expert speculation is at an all-time high regarding Brett Favre, veteran injuries in pre-season, hold outs, even which coach is on the hottest hot-seat.
This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds and predictions on an array of pre-season subjects.
"BetUS strives to give fans predictions early and often," stated BetUS spokesman Reed Richards. "And with so many intriguing angles to look at this pre-season, we had to jump out in front of the pack and give the people what they're looking for."
Analysts at posted the following odds on pre-season scenarios:

Coach On The Hottest Hot Seat
Herm Edwards (Chiefs) 3/1
Scott Linehan (RAMS) 5/1
Mike Nolan (49ERS) 5/1
Marvin Lewis (BENGALS) 10/1
Eric Mangini (JETS) 12/1
Brian Belichick (PATS) 100/1

Ronnie Brown ( mia ) 3/1
Dwight Freeney ( IND ) 5/1
Jeremy Shockey ( NO ) 10/1
Ray Lewis ( BAL ) 15/1
Brian Urlacher ( CHI ) 5/1
Carson Palmer ( CIN ) 15/1
Adam (pacman) Jones ( DAL) 10/1
Carnell Williams ( TB ) 7/1

Titans DT Albert Haynesworth 3/1
Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs 2/1
Lions WR Roy Williams 10/1
Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin 5/1
Dolphins DE Jason Taylor 2/1
Eagles CB Lito Sheppard 10/1
Rams RB Steven Jackson 15/1
Bears LB Brian Urlacher 15/1
Bucs QB Jeff Garcia 7/1

Which team is Favre most likely to play for if he returns:
Arizona Cards 1/100
Atlanta Falcons 1/50
Baltimore Ravens 1/40
Buffalo Bills 1/250
Carolina Panthers 1/250
Cincinnati Bengals 1/400
Chicago Bears 1/2
Cleveland Browns 1/250
Dallas Cowboys 1/500
Denver Broncos 1/250
Detroit Lions 1/40
Houston Texans 1/150
Indianapolis Colts 1/750
Green Bay Packers 1/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 1/300
Kansas City Chiefs 1/50
Miami Dolphins 1/7
Minnesota Vikings 1/2
New Orleans Saints 1/200
New England Patriots 1/750
New York Giants 1/250
New York Jets 1/150
Oakland Raiders 1/50
Philadelphia Eagles 1/400
Pittsburgh Steelers 1/300
San Francisco 49ers 1/50
San Diego Chargers 1/250
Seattle Seahawks 1/300
Saint Louis Rams 1/250
Tampa Bay Buccs 1/20
Tennessee Titans 1/200
Washington Redskins 1/100

Join Broadcasting team:
NBC - 5/1
ABC/ESPN - 1/2
FOX - 3/1

Coach Pop Warner Football - 5/1
Coach NFL Football - 100/1
Coach NCAA Football - 100/1

Run for office
In Wisconsin? 100/1
In Green Bay? 65/1

Odds that he un-retires and plays next season:

Odds on which team Favre would return to:
1/10 Green Bay
5/1 Any Other
Shift in Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl Chances after Favre's retirement:
GB drifted from 14/1 to 20/1 to win SB
GB drifted from 4/1 to 7/1 to win NFC due to the fact that Rogers is untested.
Odds on Green Bay wins Superbowl next season: 18/1

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Friday, July 18, 2008


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How much money you separate for weekend betting....


NEW YORK July 17, 2008 - With MLB's midway point marked by epic All-Star festivities and competition at Yankee stadium, fans and players alike are gearing up for the second half of what is sure to e a barn-burner of a season. Speculation and debate is bubbling over with questions like who will win it all this year? How long until our coach gets fired? Will our clean-up hitter out-perform the rest? Who will win the Cy Young award?

Fans are looking for answers and the biggest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted early season predictions on all things MLB to give them semblance of what to expect the rest of the way.

"The first half of MLB's regular season was very exciting – and it was capped off by a thrilling all-star game and home-run derby," stated spokesman Reed Richards. "Interest in America's pastime is still alive and well and fans are flooding our site for up-to-the-minute predictions. We've got everything from World Series odds, to MVP candidates, and CY Young predictions as well!"

Oddsmakers at posted the following early season odds on MLB:

To Win World Series
New York Yankees 12/1
Boston Red Sox 7/2
Chicago White Sox 11/1
Oakland Athletics 30/1
Los Angeles Angels 7/1
Minnesota Twins 25/1
Detroit Tigers 22/1
Toronto Blue Jays 150/1
Cleveland Indians 100/1
Texas Rangers 150/1
New York Mets 12/1
St Louis Cardinals 16/1
San Diego Padres 200/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 22/1
Philadelphia Phillies 12/1
Florida Marlins 30/1
Atlanta Braves 40/1
Houston Astros 300/1
Cincinnati Reds 300/1
San Francisco Giants 150/1
Chicago Cubs 4/1
Colorado Rockies 150/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 18/1
Milwaukee Brewers 14/1
Seattle Mariners 1000/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 500/1
Baltimore Orioles 350/1
Kansas City Royals 750/1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8/1
Washington Nationals 1000/1

AL Cy Young Award
Josh Beckett 8/1
Justin Duchscherer 8/1
Roy Halladay 5/2
Cliff Lee 5/2
Mike Mussina 10/1
Mariano Rivera 7/1
Francisco Rodriguez 7/2
Ervin Santana 10/1
Joe Saunders 12/1
Field 13/2

NL Cy Young Award
Ryan Dempster 8/1
Cole Hamels 9/2
Tim Lincecum 5/2
Johan Santana 8/1
Ben Sheets 9/2
Edinson Volquez 5/2
Brandon Webb 3/1
Carlos Zambrano 5/1
Field 5/1

AL MVP Award
Milton Bradley 12/1
Jermaine Dye 15/1
JD Drew 12/1
Vladimir Guerrero 10/1
Josh Hamilton 2/1
Ian Kinsler 11/2
Evan Longoria 20/1
Justin Morneau 4/1
Manny Ramirez 12/1
Carlos Quentin 12/1
Mariano Rivera 16/1
Alex Rodriguez 13/2
Francisco Rodriguez 12/1
BJ Upton 20/1
Kevin Youkilis 15/1
Field 13/2

NL MVP Award
Lance Berkman 5/1
Ryan Braun 8/1
Matt Holliday 15/1
Ryan Howard 8/1
Chipper Jones 13/2
Derrek Lee 8/1
Russell Martin 12/1
Albert Pujols 4/1
Hanley Ramirez 7/1
Dan Uggla 16/1
Chase Utley 3/1
David Wright 13/2
Field 13/3

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WSO Poker...

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who will be Miss-Place your bets...

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WHO WILL BE CROWNED MISS UNIVERSE 2008???? Posts Latest Odds on Miss Universe 2008 competition

NEW YORK July 2nd, 2008: Over the past 50 years, Miss Universe, one of the most prestigious beauty contests in the world, has garnered speculation and intrigue from people all over the world. The contest is an opportunity for beautiful young ladies from more than 80 countries not only to share their culture but also their values, intelligence, talent and beauty.

Even better, it's also an opportunity for ogling eyes to lay down their money and pick their national favorites. That's right, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, is at it again and has beaten everyone to the punch by posting odds on the likeliest lassie to win the crown.

Analysts at posted the following odds on Miss Universe 2008:

3001 Miss Venezuela 5/1
3002 Miss India 8/1
3003 Miss Puerto Rico 9/1
3004 Miss Panama 9/1
3005 Miss USA 10/1
3006 Miss Czech Republic 11/1
3007 Miss Mexico 11/1
3008 Miss Columbia 14/1
3009 Miss Australia 14/1
3010 Miss Kosovo 16/1
3011 Miss Vietnam 16/1
3012 Miss South Africa 16/1
3013 Miss China 18/1
3014 Miss Dominican Republic 18/1
3015 Miss Korea 18/1
3016 Miss Belgium 18/1
3017 Miss Greece 20/1
3018 Miss Ireland 25/1
3019 Miss Albania 25/1
3020 Miss Ukraine 28/1
3021 Miss Croatia 28/1
3022 Miss Brazil 28/1
3023 Miss Russia 28/1
3024 Miss Ecuador 28/1
3025 Miss Peru 28/1
3026 Miss Montenegro 30/1
3027 Miss Trinidad and Tobago 30/1
3028 Miss Thailand 30/1
3029 Miss Costa Rica 30/1
3030 Miss Kazakhstan 30/1
3031 Miss France 40/1
3032 Miss Finland 40/1
3033 Miss Nicaragua 50/1
3034 Miss Nigeria 50/1
3035 Miss Paraguay 50/1
3036 Miss Norway 30/1
3037 Miss Canada 50/1
3038 Miss Serbia 65/1
3039 Miss Indonesia 65/1
3040 Miss Slovak Republic 65/1
3041 Miss Japan 65/1
3042 Miss Spain 65/1
3043 Miss Mauritius 75/1
3044 Miss Honduras 75/1
3045 Miss Georgia 75/1
3046 Miss Bahamas 75/1
3047 Miss Philippines 75/1
3048 Miss Argentina 85/1
3049 Miss Aruba 85/1
3050 Miss El Salvador 85/1
3051 Miss Israel 85/1
3052 Miss Singapore 85/1
3053 Miss Uruguay 85/1
3054 Miss Hungary 100/1
3055 Miss United Kingdom 100/1
3056 Miss Jamaica 100/1
3057 Miss Estonia 100/1
3058 Miss Slovenia 100/1
3059 Miss Malaysia 100/1
3060 Miss Guam 100/1
3061 Miss Poland 100/1
3062 Miss Angola 100/1
3063 Miss Italy 125/1
3064 Miss Netherlands 125/1
3065 Miss New Zealand 125/1
3066 Miss Bolivia 125/1
3067 Miss Egypt 125/1
3068 Miss Cayman Islands 125/1
3069 Miss Antigua and Barbuda 150/1
3070 Miss Germany 150/1
3071 Miss Denmark 150/1
3072 Miss Switzerland 150/1
3073 Miss Ghana 150/1
3074 Miss Turkey 150/1
3075 Miss Guatemala 200/1
3076 Miss Curacuo 250/1
3077 Miss Sri Lanka 250/1
3078 Miss Turks and Caicos 250/1
3079 Miss Cyprus 250/1
3080 Miss Tanzania 250/1