Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bad News, Scam Systems [VIDEO]

Hi Bettors

Hope that this weekend have been more then successful for you...

It's just been a hectic week, and
I need to be quick here.

But I absolutely wanted to make sure you
got a chance to watch a brand new video
it's quite explosive.

===> Shocking Scam Video

This is a very hush hush, video and as you
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Trust me this is going to not only shock
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As well as this (seriously brilliant) video,
they also show you what to look for when buying
betting systems online as well as the 5 and 10
point MOT, process maps, pdf's a dedicated
members community plus much much more ...

Anyway, like I say, I wanted to make sure you
saw this before the opportunity passed. I'm
not sure how long they are going to have this
video *live* for, so you must take action right

===> Shocking Scam Video

Hope you're having a great week,


Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Days FREE ACCESS - 317.79 Level Stakes Profit In 3 Months...

Hi Bettors

Hope that you have time to study new bet's strategy...
I would like to invite you to trial a brand new automated horse racing
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It's called the Secret System Lays Bot.

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Today's selections have already been uploaded to the bot, so head
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Enjoy :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

One "weird" secret to never losing a bet?

Hi Bettors

Hope that you're fine and you have a great betting weekend...
I just read a crazy letter by a punter named
Chris Archer where he talks about a completely
AUTOMATIC method he's been using to systematically
(and legally) fleece the betting exchanges for
over £1,292 a week...

I've never seen anything like this before --
because this isn't some rehashed "system"...

Chris has discovered a way to make arbitrage
actually work online (something I never even
thought was possible)... and not only that,
he's found a way to make it push-button easy
to exploit as many arbitrage opportunities
as you want.

Read the letter now to see what it's all
about (I don't know how long this will
be up):

To YOUR Success,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Call For Automated Betting Bot

Hi Bettors

How're you...hope that all thing going very well with you...especialy on the betting market...
It's official, Champion Lays Automatic Betting Bot CLOSES it's
doors TONIGHT at 11pm.

Memberships Close At 11PM Today, Watch The Video

If you were betting the selections this past weekend, you would
have notched up a cool 6.7 points profit after commission. As
you know by now, this is easy profit on complete autopilot...
100% winners, with 7 wins out of 7. images/Results031010.jpg

GER - Mainz v Hoffenheim: lay Hoffenheim @ 3.4 [WON]
MLS - Seattle v Toronto FC: lay Toronto FC @ 5.4 [WON]
BRA - Botafogo v Flamengo: lay Flamengo @ 3.9 [WON]
MLS - New York v Kansas City: lay Kansas City @ 5.2 [WON]
ESP - Villarreal v Santander: lay Santander @ 5.8 [WON]
ITA - Inter Milan v Juventus: lay Juventus @ 5.4 [WON]
MLS - Chivas v Los Angeles: lay Chivas @ 5.1 [WON]

If you have been following the trial then you will know that this is
a no brainer if you are interested in making your football pay
this season, and with the automatic betting bot it is so much

Memberships Close At 11PM Today, Watch The Video

Thanks again...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

4 Out Of 4...Champion Lays Automated Bot

Hi Bettors

Hope that you have had a successful betting weekend...
As i mentioned in my previous post, the Champion Lays service has 7
selections this weekend.

4 of them were played YESTERDAY... All 4 won easily for a profit of
3.8 points after commission. This is the easiest possible way to bet
on football, PROFIT on autopilot for the subscribers who took up the
offer over the last couple of days.

IN FACT, if you were betting with �35 stakes, you would have won
the value of a 3 MONTH BOT SUBSCRIPTION After JUST 1 DAY!

See Yesterday's Bot Results Here...

Hoffenheim @ 3.35 [WINNER]
Toronto FC @ 5.80 [WINNER]
Flamengo @ 4.10 [WINNER]
Kansas City @ 5.70 [WINNER]

They do all the grunt work and hard football analysis, all you have to
do is turn the thing on and it does everything for you...

Download Our Automated BOT

The BEST part is, they have 3 selections today, they have already
been uploaded to the bot and the first one kicks of @ 4pm UK time,
so get in quick and secure your spot before time runs out... All you have
to do is download, login and turn on..

have a bets success