Monday, December 5, 2011

SSP is officially Live, GO NOW

Hi Bettors

before then we jump in holiday's season, let's to do somthing amazing in betting industry...
…Here is the deal, just in case you were not aware
what has been going on.

Cory Daniels of Stateside Sports Pro has just released
his football (soccer) paid service.

Ok I hear you thinking nothing new there. Services and
products get released on a near daily basis.

However Cory has been proofing his selections for over
5 months via a “free trial”. Yes you didnt misread 5 Months!

You can check out the full story here;

Even though Cory is a decent guy, I’m calling it like it is…

… He’s a Jerk!! He has been making the rest of us look
bad with his 5 month free trial and his steady profits..

Damn him!!

From what I have been told, the places are selling quickly
so if you want in then, act now.

The page has all the results and stats info and is backed up
by over 5 months of solid proofing.

It’s certainly worth a look and I recommend it
whole heartedly

Speak Soon