Thursday, December 24, 2009

Add 2-4% to Your Winning Percentage

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Hope you're fine and you expect Holiday season in good's time for enjoy and relaxation so that betting industry also give us more entertainment...

Let's to see what's Sports Betting professor have to tell us:

it’s Rich Allen from SportsBetting

Did you know there is a simple step you can take to add from anywhere between 2-4% to your overall winning percentage? As I’ve mentioned before, you need to hit 52.7% of your straight bets to make even the smallest profit when betting so adding this type of value could make the difference between just getting by, or having enough to buy yourself a well-deserved gift.
Maybe a flat screen TV? Or how about an addition on the house? Whatever you spend it on that’s up to you, but the point is if you get these extra percentage points you will be able to make some serious money.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of buying a ½ point, let me explain. Let’s say New England is a 6 point underdog at Indianapolis. Now you buy a ½ point to make New England +6.5. In doing this, what you’ve also done is raise your winning percentage from 52.9% all the way up to 56.5%. These numbers are based on research I have done over the past 15 years of NFL and NBA games.

In the above example, you’ve added more than 3.5 percentage points to your winning percentage. Over the course of a season, this could increase your win amount by more than 3 times. Although most of the time you will have to pay some extra juice to buy a ½ point, there are instances where it’s absolutely worth it. To see the complete list of pointspreads where it makes sense to buy a ½ point, you can check out the Sports Betting Professor System here

On the occasions where it makes sense to buy a ½ point, you can find some terrific value....

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Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Spot Smart Money & Win 91.3% of All Your Sports Bets!

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The Holiday season almost's time for relaxation and enjoyment...but sports betting industry working and give us opportunity to make some spare money to contribute our holiday's be aware of....
EVERY sports bet taking place in the world, there is Smart Money and ordinary money backing the bet.
Smart Money is put on by people who have done extensive research on the particular match and/or have inside information as to who will win. People who put on Smart Money bets always bet big, in the tens of thousands since they are confident of the outcome of the match.

Just some of the people who put on smart money bets are team coaches and his/her associates/family/friends, sports analysts, organized crime bosses, businessman with inside info, bookmaker owners/staff, and of course...professional bettors.

But since there are hundreds of thousands worldwide betting on sports matches, there are also millions of dollars of ordinary money backing each match. Around ten years ago Steven Taylor became obsessed with finding out a way to figure out how to detect Smart Money in sports matches. It took him 33 months of constant research to have a breakthrough.

What He Discovered Was a Highly
Lucrative 'Invisible' Market...

According to Steven, this invisible market is always present in EVERY bet. But in some bets they are really apparent - provided you know what to look for. So he devised a quick system to penetrate this invisible market. Using his method is the only way to detect where the Smart Money is in a bet. But we don't follow just any Smart Money. His system shows you how to follow only THE BEST Smart Money each day!

One of the best things about using Steven's system is that you don't need to do any research at all on the players or teams. All the hard research has ALREADY been done by those putting on Smart Money bets. We just follow their recommendations (without them knowing) and we win 9 out of every 10 bets we make. All the information we need is the odds being offered by the bookmaker...and we can work out our bets within 70 seconds. Steven states that making money this way is almost unfair as we profit from other people's hard work and knowledge (He hopes you don't morally object to this)!

Just Imagine this for a Minute:

There was this super busy bookmaker booth where people would walk up to it to place their bets. You were spying at the booth with a pair of binoculars. Every hour dozens of people would walk up to the booth and hand the teller $2, $5, $20 and some even $300 for their bets.

But then one guy goes up to the
teller and bets $30,000 on Team A

Your thoughts right away would be either that guy is an idiot or he knows something that most others don't. Then you realize that idiots don't usually have this sort of money to throw around so that guy must absolutely have inside or expert information.

You now have the knowledge that Team A should win the match over Team B. You put your hard earned $200 on Team A and they win with flying colors. This is what Steven's system is all about. But since most huge bets are done either by phone or the Internet, he had to find an alternative means to detect such Smart Money bets.

Using sophisticated charting methods he eventually found a trend that showed which matches had Smart Money riding. And he further perfected his system to pinpoint matches that have THE MOST Smart Money backing them. This way we only bet on THE BEST match each day. By being this selective we can enjoy a strike rate as high as 91.3%!

Would you like to know more about Steven's 91.3% winning system? Take a free sneak peak at this powerful sports betting system here...

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everything You Know About Sports...

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Hope you're in good betting will Today...
What's your plan ..
where you intend to place your betting ticket...
We want to help you to make decision...look at what's we have for you...

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Betting System- Swipe £1210 in 24 hours...

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I am really excited to announce a *Major* breakthrough in the
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This is nothing like you have ever heard before, so I really
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A while ago I was contacted by a member of my newsletter, an
English guy called Phillip.

The reason for Phillip's email was to reveal a method he has
been quietly developing with his team to milk bookmakers
worldwide and online betting sites...

He calls the system the "Sporting Specialist"...

*Place bets on sports without EVER losing*

Yes, he said that whenever he found the right bet,
he knew it was going to make a profit. His email shocked me when
he said the system they have created will work better than every
other system out their on the market, it is 100% guaranteed to
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The system is like nothing you have ever seen before and even
a 7 year old (if he was allowed to bet!) could put it to work
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Now, here is the greatest news for YOU...

To your success,