Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Racing Software

Hi Bettors

Hope that you have had a successful working week...on the end of this week I wish to share somthing new on the betting industry...

The team over at Betting Bots Worldwide have come up with great little technological tool,
and they want you to have it for free!

The Magic Market Monitor application will be an invaluable aid to your racing betting,
reporting all sorts of useful information as it monitors the Betfair markets in real time.

You can download the software and watch a nice little video explaining how it works here...

A new favourite in the betting for a race, non-runners, even jockey changes... the Magic
Market Monitor will let you know as soon as they happen, allowing you to quickly adapt
to the changing market.

We all know the racing game is far from easy, so give yourself a little edge with the Magic Market Monitor.

As I said, it's free! No strings attached ;-)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Time To STOP Gambling

Hi Bettors

Hope that you enjoy in the beautiful summer weekend with your friends...I recently came across The Blackjack System and thought it would be wise to give it a fair review so you know what you are letting yourself in for when you part with your hard earned cash to buy a copy of the manual.

I checked out and what you will find refreshing about this site is that they give you an unedited video of how well the system can perform. It is rare to see a system provider place his cards so firmly on the table (sorry bad pun).

I find it refreshing to have a video to get an insight in to what the method is about, most gambling promotional pages I come across I have no idea what they are selling or what I am supposed to do, this page is different it is easy to follow and written in plain English.

I paid £17 of my English pounds for a copy and received two pdf manuals one bonus manual and The Blackjack System. I read through the manual first before signing up to any casino, as I wanted to check what it was all about.

The guide is written largely with the beginner in mind which is great for me, because I have never played blackjack in my life, well maybe once, but I can't remember the rules.

When I signed up to the casino I was impressed with how fun it was to try this system, I was only playing in fun mode as I wanted to see if the system lived up to its promise.

I had a lot of fun playing the system and found the charts and tables very useful to ensure I placed the correct bet at the right time.

After a night of playing I had made £379, I hadn't achieved the highest payout once, but I had come close a few times and as long as I was in profit I was keen to try it for real. The thing you will love about this system is that it is a very safe way of betting and you tend to stay level a lot of the time and increase on lucky runs.

The next day I checked everything over and started playing, after an hour I was a bit annoyed as I was down £20, I was thinking 'here we go again another useless gambling system'. However I persevered and slowly but surely I made a profit. I made sure I took regular breaks as I didn't want to do the wrong thing and after 4 hours of playing I was up £735.

Now that isn't quite £650 in 5 minutes, which I think you would have to be pretty damn lucky to achieve, but £735 is a lot of money for me and will pay for my Christmas this year, no problem.

I still haven't reached the end of the guide and there is more to come, such as ways you can make money from blackjack for free, advanced tournament tips and a massive 17 other casinos listed which this method works with.

I haven't even got to the bonus guide yet either, which is a clever way for withdrawing bonuses not using common techniques now banned by the casinos.

All in all if you buy this guide you will not be disappointed, it is well written, easy to follow and more importantly it actually works.

See for yourself,

All the best