Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do you understand the concept of value...

Sports Betting at the Sportsbook

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In the past, We have often written or talked about the concept of value. If you want to be successful in your betting, then you always need to be on the lookout for value when placing your bets.

For example, you're following a system, and the selection comes up for today, so you head over to your favourite bookmaker (Wiliam Hill for example), and see your selection is available to bet at odds of 5/4 (2.25 decimal). You place your money on and it wins. Great result, so you think, but if you would have done a little research, you would have found that your selection was available to back at odds of 2.70 at Betfair.

Over a period of time, backing (or laying) at the best value odds will always improve your betting bank!

Now, in my opinion, the
Pro Betting Systems e-book is one of the best value betting e-books that I have seen on the market.

Where else can you get 14 different authors detailing 18 of their own systems/methods, all in one publication?

I've just worked it out, and it works out at approx. £3.22 per system!

Now, some e-books will cost you around £37 just for one system, and the system itself can usually be condensed into about 6 or 7 pages - the rest is just filler (for a majority of people).

With Pro Betting Systems you get page after page of useful system information, NOT a lot of filler pages about how to place bets, a history of the betting exchanges, or tutorials about decimal and fractional odds.

Pro Betting systems is simply the best value betting e-book that you'll be likely to buy.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

77 Places Left For Profit Boosting £3175 Every Month...

Football Betting at

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We are not surprised...I knew there was a crying need for someone to explode the pack of pathetic lies and outdated systems that surround Horse Racing & Sports Betting today...

Backing Allstars is an extremely valuable system, one of the most deadliest betting strategies to swipe as much as £3175 in less than ONE month in a easy step-by-step system that even the novice punter can use to start profiting within minutes from accessing his guide!

This comes with an action packed Step by Step STAKING Strategy to show you exactly how to MIRROR and EMULATE profitable selections.

This is information puts money directly into the bank on autopilot!

The massive demand for the
Backing Allstars has been so explosive that only 100 more customers will be able to snap up the Backing Allstars At this ridiculously low introductory offer...

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mr X", who went from $1000 USD to over $500k in a little over 3 seasons...

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Each year, millions of bets are placed on the hundreds of matches that happen not only in the English Premier league but also in the European league and further abroad.

A variation unique to football betting is betting that it will be a drawn match, although this is less common.

Betting the draw in football does take a less traditional route, given that only 1.5 goals are scored in the average match.

Growing in popularity across Britain. There really is no limit, and World wide leagues are especially wonderful profit opportunities for the serious sports investor.

The rise of online betting exchanges and online bookmakers has opened up the possibility to bet on everything from Chinese football to the non league teams. The best way to become successful is to follow in the footsteps of the professional and by joining the Football Betting Champ syndicate you will be on your way.

Soccer betting is much simpler than horse racing, for a start you have a one in three chance to succeed and given the right tools and guidance success can be easily achievable.

The vast majority of sports investors in Britain are betting on football. The key to unlimited success when betting on football is ROI and not betting on the 1.10 nailed on certs. With the Football betting champ we guide you all the way...

How Mr "X" Made $500k Betting On Football In 3 Season's

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Betting Expert Reveals Betting Secrets And Strategy...

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How are you...If you don't ready to take betting action then you have to look around and prepare yourself better to make betting profit...

I’m just publish this to tell you about this great new system I came across yesterday…and this is among the best recommendation I have ever made to all my members.

This system actually gives you the edge over your soccer betting! Sound impossible? Read on here…

What’s peaople think about this system:
“…$3548 up and Im only on my first week.”
Corin Tan, KL, Malaysia

“…made over $1000 tonight…”
Alan Tham, Singapore

“…started betting and made $800 in the first two matches…”
Lee Hong Meng , Singapore

“…best guide I’ve brought, got $1300 total profit for today.”
Ian Jones, Manchester, UK

Wondering what all the fuss is about??

This is the first system ever to give you a 80% - 90% winning rate for your soccer betting fall with close to ZERO risk.

Think you can’t beat the bookmaker?

Well, you are completely right! …In the long term, you cannot beat a bookmaker other wise.
What this system does is to give you a strategy for you to lookout for in the Asian Handicap odds provided from the bookmaker themselves.

Thinking that this can’t be right, bookmakers would lose loads of money ……..wouldn’t they??
Think again, there bookmaker don’t lose money because there are loads of punters who lose money to them every single day..

They know that the huge majority will continue to bet with them and the bookmakers will make profit even if 10000 people all started doing SoccerBettingPro TOMORROW.

That’s right you can make serious profits AND the bookmakers will make serious profits from all the people happily throwing their money away to them.
This sounds hard, is it?

Nope, you will need to be able to read, write and count. You do not need to know the injury report, players lineup, weather and all those stuffs

You will not need to use a calculator, or have any special skills.
All you need is the strategy to correctly identify the odds and know where the game is heading to.

Thinking you have already got all the system and strategy to beat the bookmaker? Well think again and ask yourself this truly…..have you been winning or losing in your soccer betting?

I hope that clears up some of the questions I have been getting.

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