Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Thinking" Betting Robot that produced over $1.5 Million - live footage

Hi Bettors

Hope that past working week have been fruitfull for you and your let's take weekend relaxation with sports events and bet's opporunity...
Before then you place your funds in sportsbook let's take a little usefull betting knowledge from the best...
Yes that's right, know that there can be a lot of fanfare and smoke blown during these launches but this is 100% legit and on the money and you can view the video and see perpetual i in action right now

===> Perpetual i Live Video Right Here

The guy who is launching this free thinking Robot is Darren Simpson and this is his one and only product and first time launch, also over at the video you can download his free betting system and you can also download the full set of results going back nearly three years, this guy is the real deal and is willing to prove it all on the line and show you exactly what he has been doing in terms of developing this worlds first robot.

Not only are the videos and the free content great, there is also a huge surprise on launch day, Darren really does have the punters at heart here

Talk Soon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lay System That Produced 78% SR …. For FREE

Hi Bettors

How're you...hope all thinkgs going well in your life...the same happen with your business on the sports betting industry...
Yeah that's right I have totally hooked you up! Darren Simpson over at Perpetual i, is giving away his whole business model and the mini system that has partly been the key to his success.

Ok so you probably wouldn't have been able to get some of the lay numbers matched in real time but it is quite obvious that this lay system would have made you 200k easily over the course of the last few years.

So why is Darren "giving" it away?? Find out below

>>>>> 78% SR Lay System FREE<<<<

You can also download the full results for the last three years and this is no back tested piece of junk either but the same system he has been using for years, and he is giving it away to you for FREE, no catch.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Champions Draws...FREE trial...

Hi Bettors

Hope that you enjoy in this beautiful Autumn , I'm sure that your life battery is recharched so you can lodge more time and energy to learn and apply in sports Betting Industry...
Today Champion Lays launch the trial for their brand new Champion Draws Service.
This is a selective backing service that should do very well over the trial period.


The innovative new draw-backing service with progressive staking plan is off to a
tremendous start with a 40% increase to the starting bank since the first bet selection
on October 24th. If you started with $2,000 you'd be up to $2,800 and even a small
$1,000 starting bank would already be up to $1,400 in just 3 weeks.

Champion Draws will launch as a paid subscription service on December 1st, so if you
haven't joined the free trial yet you still have a full 2 weeks to evaluate the service. Just
click the link below to join the trial and learn more about the innovative Champion Draws
staking plan.

See The Exact Results So Far On The Website...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scam Busting Program Launched

Hi Bettors

Hope that you have planed your time to prepare yourself for bet's education...
Remember that product which promised to detect
betting system scams BEFORE actually trying
the systems?

Well, it's finally here. It boasts a 96.8% scam
detection rate and you can get it from the link

The product itself consists of a DVD set containing
interactive courses and detailed, easy to use action

But how does the product actually work?

Well, no matter how hard they try to hide it, scammers
always follow a similar pattern when trying to hustle,
excuse me, attract new customers. By comparing the
actual results of the betting systems with the text
that scammers use, this pattern has emerged and can
now be detected by using certain methods of testing.

You will literally be able to detect a scammer by the
way he presents his product.

There are no less than 10 methods of testing presented
in the course, but that's far from everything that this
DVD has to offer.

You will also be able to discover 8 well documented case
studies and you will also get a new insight in how betting
scams evolve and appear.

On top of that, you also get access to a few very useful

For more details, see the link here...