Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE TRIAL - 17 Winning Lays Out Of 18 So Far

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Hi Bettors

Hope that you start looking for new way to become successful on the betting industry...we're sure that without learning you can't expect to make significant let's take a walk towards your bets success...

I would like to invite you to trial a brand new 100% Mechanical Service
called Champion Racing Lays, for an obligation free 30 days.


Since the start of the free trial period, we have had 18 selections,
with 17 of those proving to be successful lays...

Champion Racing Lays boasts:

172 Wins And 33 Losses This Year
53 Points Profit To Level Stakes
27 Winners In A Row In Mar/Apr

You can see the full results from the last four years and an example
of the email on the sign up page.. I guarantee you will be impressed
with the service.

So far since the 1st of January this year, Champion Racing Lays
has had 205 selections with 172 of those winning, a staggering
83.9%, generating a total of over 52 points profit to level stakes.
I want to invite you to have unprecedented 30 days FREE ACCESS.

Enjoy :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Access To Champion Lay's Is *LIVE*

Hi Bettors

Hope that you enjoy on Summer's a good time to prepared yourself for new betting season learning new betting strategy...

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 75 days then you will know today is the day that Andrew Costa launches his very exclusive football laying service to the general public, so far in 2010 the service has produced 28 points level stakes profit and is expected to triple that by the close of the European season.

You can check out the full story here:

I stand by this product 100% and it gets one of my highest recommendations, not only is the service and the match analysis something special, Andrew is planning a huge winning season for all concerned, however they did have an in house launch to the free 75 day trial subscribers and I am sorry to say that there are only 50 spaces left.. So you need to act quickly!

Not only that but the analysis and match selection are something that even newbies and pro's alike can appreciate, Andrew works amazingly hard to look at every stat, angle and opportunity available before he recommends andy selection. He also places the bets himself so you can feel very confident that this exclusive service is going to be a long term winner.

To hear from Andrew and to see what all the fuss is about you can watch his video right here...

>>>>> Champion Lay's Is *LIVE* <<<<<

There is a catch though, as I mentioned Andrew is limiting the membership spaces to 200 due to liquidity and exclusivity. Before this email has been sent to the general public they already offered the slots to the free trial list and there are only 50 spaces left.

So don't miss out on what I consider to be the authority football betting site and service for 2010.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Quickly & Easily Generate A Recession Proof Recurring Income

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Hi Bettors

Hope that you in pretty good betting condition so that funds on your bank account become fat...
Jason tells me there has been an overwhelming response! Betfair Pirate could close down any time soon. If you have not picked up your Pirate Bot yet, you might have to wait until August 1st.

If you are tired of going to the track in excitement because you think this time you are going to win, but only to find out that your hopes where crushed with a lose and less money in your bank, then you need Betfair Pirate in your life.

Betfair Pirate is not a get rich quick overnight scheme, but it will earn you a long term residual income putting money into your bank account. As you use the system more and more you will have the knowledge, discipline and courage to bet with a higher liability increasing your profits. I know that sounds nice.

The system is not bullet proof, when it comes to betting you still have the chance to lose, but with Betfair Pirate, it minimizes your chance of a lose. Betfair Pirate is such a no brainer automated system with step by step instructions a punter with no horse betting experience at all could start getting into profits right away.

Did I mention that the Software build is Betfair Approved? It is made by the respected Sporting bots Ltd and has its own betfair vendor ID!

Whether betting is a hobby or you want to make it a career and become a Betfair master, you deserve to win. Stop wasting your hard earned money on that one system that is supposed to make you a millionaire overnight, there is no such thing of this type of progress, it takes time.

Your main goal is to start making some money on a residual basis and get out of the slump you are in. If you are skeptical and afraid that if you purchase this system and fail like all the other systems, come and download the excel statistics and see for yourself that you to have a chance to see the kind of number’s other "used to be" struggling punters are now seeing.
To learn more go to here...

Enjoy on your bets education

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Betfair Pirate averages 20 points profit per month!

Hi Bettors

How are you...I'm sure that you have a great time watching very interesting matches on the Soccer World's have been opportunity to apply your bets knowledge and make a good income this Summer...

Are you still wasting your time, energy and hard earned cash. Maxing out credit cards by following so called magical system’s that promise to make you into a betfair millionaire?

It is time to forget about everything that you have ever learnt about Betfair betting, most if not all strategies and tactics have been a lie. When it comes to betting you can’t cut corners it takes major discipline and self control.

With the highly awaited Betfair Pirate betting system all of the work is done for you. You will be taught by Jason Harden a season vet that has been in the game for 10 years how to run a successful betting campaign with confidence. Betfair Pirate has been tested time after time for the last three years for perfection.

Here is what Clinton had to say about Jason

“ Hey Jason, I removed all data relating to horse racing from my PC as I was on a hiding to nothing with all the same scams out there. However I have kept up with your results and since you have registered with betting systems truth I now have confidence with you and the Pirate”

So what could Betfair Pirate do you for?

Let me tell you this, the software is so easy to use a brand new punter with no experience could plug into and start to generate some profits. Yes it is that simple, with 1, 2, 3 instructions and you’re in the game. Imagine this, you log into your Pirate bot choose the stakes that you want, start the bot, go to work and come home. You are rest assured knowing whether you profit or loss that day in the end you will be ahead of the pack.

Click here and download results that have been tracked since September 19th 2009.

Punters are flocking to Jason’s winning software and due to the overwhelming number of subscriptions Betfair Pirate could be closed to the public at any minute. If you are tired of being a loser you need to take advantage of this great never before seen offer.

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Have a success

Monday, July 5, 2010

Transform The Bet's Way...

Hi Bettors

Hope that this Summer's sports event have been fruitful for you...
Yes! Finally the long awaited plug and play system that any Betfair punter will profit from even with no experience.

We all know that making money from Betfair is not an easy task to accomplish. In fact 97% of all Betfair punters lose every single month with maxed out credit cards. This continues to happen every single day because 99% of all the products out there are a straight lie. They tell you all you have to do is find the missing loopholes and you will become rich overnight.

You soon find yourself desperate and start buying every system under the sun hoping that you do find that “Secret System” that will finally take you to paradise. Now you might be very deep in debt and with the belief that you can’t win on Betfair, well I am here to tell you that you are far from wrong.

I would like to introduce to you Betfair Pirate.

The Author Jason Harden has done what no other so called Betfair guru has ever done in the past. With the development of a 1,2,3 easy to implement system attracted to date 585 struggling punters for a Tested 2 month trial. There was a total of 43.97 pts averaging just under 22 pts monthly, this was a fantastic return.

For the last three years Betfair Pirate has been tested and tweaked to produce some amazing results. With a 5% Liability there was a 1013% increase in the bank in 9 months, can you believe it.

The average odds were 5.29 and the average win odds where 5.32.

Come and download the Excel of Betfair Pirate results since September 19th 2009, you are going to be amazed.
betfair system

The Betfair pirate is an absolute no brainer software that will build your confidence and betting bank with a long term residual income making you a certified winner and pro. Stop wasting your time with all the nonsense out there with no track record to prove what they talk about.

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