Friday, April 24, 2009

You didn’t share the secret…did you?!

Hi Bettors

Hope that This post find you well and ready to increase your betting profit...

I told you about the much-hyped launch of Recession Better.
I told you that they were looking for only 200 members. I broke this to
you about five minutes before launch to give you every chance to get
your personal copy of this £1,450.00 per hour sports betting generator.
But the news travelled fast over the net. 200 people were recruited by
Recession Better in under half an hour. Someone must have broken the

But today, I bring you positive news if you haven’t made it in the
elite 200. I have personally made a deal with Michael Wright, creator
of Recession Better, for you to join his exclusive club. That’s how
much I value you.
What’s more, you’re eligible to a 25% discount to Recession Better.
This was only available briefly yesterday for the first 50 copies sold.
After that it disappeared!
But after my negotiations with Michael
himself, you should be able to see the discount code 10-3014001 at the
bottom of the page here...

You should still be eligible for the £230 worth of bonuses as well
which includes a link to software actually used by bookies before they
set up their markets.
But now to the bad news. This exclusive offer will only be available
today. I tried to extend it to three days but Michael wouldn’t budge on
As you know sports betting isn’t an easy game. If it was, Betfair
wouldn’t be making £50 million profit a week. In fact, research shows
that 97% of punters are addicts who are determined to throw away cash
that they’ve toiled for in the office during the week.
***But what about the other 3%? How do they make their winnings? Do
they spend hour after hour to develop their strategies.***
The answer is actually “yes”. Michael Wright is just one of those lucky
3% people but I can’t begrudge him his winnings. Recession Better
wasn’t some overnight creation. It’s taken him YEARS to produce his
betting system.
In fact if you ask me, he’s crazy to be sharing it with his elite group
of Recession Betters. But he’s a man with a chip on his shoulder.
Hate’s a light word to describe how he feels about bookies and he’s
determined to hit the pockets of the fat-cats.
The link below shows exactly how much he’s pumping his favourite
betting exchange for. It shows that whilst still doing a regular job
and making trades which only lasted a few minutes a week, the first
market that he targeted was removed from the exchange!!

So if you’ve got:
* £1 to invest in a sports betting account, and…
*5 minutes every two days outside of your 9 to 5 job…
imagine just how sweet it would be to make effortless, tax-free cash
during a recession. I’ve gone out on a limb for this one.
Here’s the drop again...


Sunday, April 19, 2009

shhh - the £1,450/ Hour

Hi Bettors

How is your imagination today? I want to run a few thoughts past you…
“Imagine stripping a sports betting market to its bare bones, to the
extent that it never appears in public again…”
“Imagine humiliating the traders employed by a sports betting exchange
to the extent that they lose their jobs…”
“Imagine the fat-cats scratching their bald heads in disbelief as you
loot their markets…”
Your imagination will bring you close to exactly how the creator of
Recession Better has been feeling over the last ten years. The
self-satisfied smirk on his face has rarely disappeared, but…
…he doesn’t want to keep it to himself anymore. He’s found a new
project – a method to help you through this deep and hard-hitting
Thanks to Recession Better, he’s found 36,000 a year and 3,000 a month
of tax-free, effortless pounds.
Obviously, the question that follows is where is the proof?
The answer:
check out…

…and find out exactly how much the fat-cats who own his favourite
betting exchange are losing thanks to Recession Better.
And now he wants to ruthlessly multiply their losses by exactly TWO
The man is seriously determined to recruit 200 people who want to
prosper during the economic downturn. BUT, you’ll only qualify to apply
for elite membership if you can understand his philosophy: ******
To be successful sports betting, you need to target the weak betting
exchanges which are littered with loopholes

Betting exchanges like Betfair generate £50 million profit a week.
Staggering, isn’t it? That's hard-earned cash that many of its
customers can’t afford to lose. With a turnover that is so high an
organization like Betfair can get the best research software, employ
the best market traders and so produce the best betting exchange.
Yet, why do their customers keep on gambling on this flawless exchange
and fuelling the salaries of Betfair's fat-cats?
Now for those who didn’t pay attention, I’m going to give you another
chance to be in on the secret. Take in this simple but important
The betting exchanges which are not as profitable cannot afford to use
the best research software or employ the leading market traders.
End result? Vulture systems like Recession Better prey on the loopholes
that are littered around these betting exchanges.
So, the burning question, do you qualify for exclusive membership?
==>Do you have a basic knowledge of sports?
==> Do you have a desire to make serious cash from sports
betting exchanges?
==>Do you have £1 to invest?
==>Do you have 5 minutes a day outside of your job?
If you have answered yes to any of those questions you qualify for
exclusive membership to Recession Better but there’s still an obstacle.
You need to be within the first 200 people who signs up. Michael
doesn’t want to spread himself too thin as he wants to personally train
all his recruits. Recession Better has launched today and as you’re
someone who I enjoy communicating with, I’m bringing this news to you 5
minutes before launch. I want you to have every chance to be part of
the chosen few
If you want to join Recession Better’s elite group to pump the betting
exchanges, click here...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Betting On Sports Is A Sound Investment...

Sports Betting at the Sportsbook
Hi Bettors

And yes, you read that headline right: betting on sports is a sound investment. I actually prefer to use the term ‘investing’ as opposed to gambling. When I hear the word gambling I have an image of somebody filling out a parlay card and donating $20 or $50 to their local bookie because they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.
If you invest in something, you do so after you’ve done research and due diligence. The best stock picker in the world, Warren Buffett, won’t invest in a company unless he knows exactly what they do and how they make their money. You should never invest in something that you don’t understand.
Another key to sound investment strategy is to stay diversified. That means you shouldn’t have all your money piled into one asset class. Be it real estate, the stock market, your piggy bank, etc. it doesn’t matter: all your money should never be in one place.
And I feel that ‘investing’ in football and basketball games can be a legitimate way to diversify the money you have to invest. Let’s face it, most of us can’t analyze the financial statement of a business and make a lot of sense out of it. BUT, most of us can look at a pointspread and understand its meaning.
Putting your money into something only makes sense if you have a plan to succeed. That’s why I can recommend the Sports Betting Professor systems: They’re simple to follow, easy to understand, AND perhaps most important of all – they come with a 100% money back guarantee.
Try calling up the CEO of one of those big Wall Street companies and see if you can get the money back that you lost by buying their stock. Ain’t gonna happen. But if you go to you can try system of investing on sports and if it doesn’t work out to your satisfaction, just let me know and you can have your money back.
Whether the stock market or the economy is doing well or doing poorly, you should always consider having some of your portfolio invested in the Sports Betting Professor.

All the best,

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hi Bettors

I believe that you enjoying this Spring , it's so beautiful weather that use you're good mood to place a wins bets...

The first thing you need to do before placing a single bet is to establish a betting bank. Your betting bank has to be self-sustaining and once established you cannot add any more of your ‘own’ money to it. Now, use 5% of the bank to bet for a win and 5% for a place/show for all your betting from now on. Reinvest all your profits back into the bank and let it absorb the losses as well.
So whether your bank increases or decreases in size, your bets remain in proportion all the time – 5% for a win and 5% for a place/show.
Example: Betting Bank $100: Win bet $5 Place Bet $5
Betting Bank $75: Win bet $3.75 Place bet $3.75 (Round them off to nearest whole number if need be)
How You Can Sustain 30 Straight LossesEven though this Peaking Racing System is no where as robust as my main selection system “How to ‘Place Bet’ on Favorites for a Living”, you still shouldn’t get 9 straight losses in a row – let alone 30! However the staking plan I have recommended that you use can withstand up to 30 straight losses without totally breaking the bank. A betting bank of $100 will be $4.18 after the 30th loss – not completely wiped out. The greatest thing about this staking plan is that it magically minimizes the impact of losses while capitalizing tremendously on winnings. Try it and see for yourself!

Alexander Booth made $543 from $25 within 3 days --George Evans made $1,400 in 17 days betting very conservatively --Kiri Vanase makes $110 every week and he doesn’t even have horseracing in his country!
And now you can steal, duplicate and shamelessly profit from the exact same system they’re using!

To find out how, go to here...

Have a nice betting Days