Saturday, May 30, 2009

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I hope you're having a great week so far.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Be ready for sports betting strategy

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Hope you're finished working week successfuly and ready for weekend betting...

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Friday, May 15, 2009


Horse betting at

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Hope you're ready for next weekend betting don't hesitate to take betting education action...

If you are looking to make money on the betting exchanges now really is the right time to start operating the betalay system!

The betalay system has a proven track record since 1st July 2000 - once you've bought it you will be able to check that every single one of the results shown on the website was a genuine system selection (by checking the system criteria against the results shown on the Racing Post or Sporting Life websites).

The betalay system has consistently produced an average monthly profit of around £2,000 (from £25 stakes) - which of course is tax-free.

The betalay system is a 3-step process which enables you to select firstly the race and then the horse that you will bet on to LOSE. The process is very straightforward and there is no judgment required on your part. You can select which races you will be betting in before racing commences (in fact you can do this as soon as the racecards are available on the Racing Post website the night before).

The betalay system takes less than five minutes per day to select which races to bet in, and then it takes about one minute to select which horse you will bet on to LOSE in each qualifying race.

betalay system is based upon in-depth statistical research covering the outcome of every British horse race for over ten years.

The betalay system can be operated either daily or just at the weekend (it has produced over £50,000 in profit from £25 stakes by betting only on Saturdays and Sundays since 1st July 2000).

The betalay system lasts a lifetime – once you’ve purchased the system there are no further costs incurred.

The betalay system should pay for itself the first day you use it - based on the average performance of the system over the past 7 years, you should expect to recoup your investment of £49 in less than one day if you follow the system using £25 stakes.


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get ready to start earning £450+ daily, using powerful horsebet racing secrets

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Now 3 months with your system under my belt, and I have just re-calculated my strike rate with the new method. Its not 95% like yours just yet, but I'm at a consistent average of 78% strike on all of my show wagers. The "stake and take" has driven my profit margins through the roof. Thanks for something worth using again and again."Wade RimbachLancaster, UK "I really think you should raise the price soon.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Key Numbers Occur in the NBA

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Hope you're fine and ready for next betting weekend... before than you make decision where you'll place bets take a moment to review what's say Allen..about sports betting...

Hi, it’s Rich Allen from

Today I want to talk to you about the occurrence of key numbers in the NBA. When we first started our research we were skeptical that we might find key numbers in the NBA the same as we did in football. With football, there are two predominant ways in which teams will score, by field goals or touchdowns. And barring missed extra points which happen very rarely, this means points increase by margins of 3 or 7 in most cases. This provides a great opportunity to find statistical advantages.
But what about in the NBA? There’s no big jump like 3 points to 7 points or 7 points to 7 more points like in the NFL. You can have free throws (1 point), regular baskets (2points), or three-pointers (3 points). Even more disconcerting is the difference in the amount of scoring chances that occur in the two sports. In football games, each team usually scores between 3 and 6 times, with a combination of field goals and touchdowns. Opportunities abound for us to find discernible patterns.
In the NBA teams usually average between 75-85 field goal attempts and the free throw attempts usually fall in the 20-30 range for each team. That’s well over 200 opportunities between the two teams combined to put points on the board. It’s enough to make your head spin!
However, we surprised even ourselves when we found out that in fact there are key numbers in basketball. The first, and probably the most obvious, is the number 2. This is the number by which point increases happen most often in basketball, and in that respect 2 is to basketball as 3 and 7 are to football. (That’s just in case you ever have to take the S.A.T. exams again!)
But it may surprise you to find out that the most common ‘fall-on’ number in the NBA (the number of the final margin of victory) is in fact … 7! When you think about it, there is some sense in this. Seven constitutes a three possession game, which can put the actual won/loss outcome out of reach and teams will usually stop fouling in the closing seconds if they can’t tie it up with two possessions or less.
Not coincidentally, 7 is also one of the key numbers in the SB Professor’s system. There are other numbers that occur with high frequency and there are also numbers that oddsmakers install that make it either easier or more difficult for favorites to cover. You don’t need to do all the research yourself. Instead you can take a look at the SB Professor’s statistical system.
To check it

The key to successful basketball wagering is to figure out these key numbers and the logic behind them before anyone else does. This gives you a huge advantage going into a slate of basketball games. This advantage can make the difference of a slight percentage point in your won-loss percentage, which is so vital when 52.7% is the percentage you must attain to turn a profit when betting on football or basketball.
Good luck with all your wagers this season and don’t forget the NBA has key numbers just like in football!

Best regards,
Rich Allen

Ok. I belive that you have more self- confidence to make profit on betting industry...

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