Friday, May 28, 2010

14 wins from 17 bets so far this month.

Hi Bettors

How are you...hope you're fine on the end of the working week and ready to take betting weekend action...we're here to help you to improve your knowledge...

The excellent start to the Champion Lays trial continued
this week, with both lays proving successful.

This weekend's results take the total to 14 winning lays
and 3 losses for the trial for an 82.3% winning percentage.
Profit for the trial now stands at 7.37 points, or �737 betting
to �100 level stakes.

Champion Lays are running a very generous no cost trial
which lasts until the end of the World Cup, which is in
about 6 weeks time, so this should at least give us a good
idea of what to expect.

Another perfect week for Champion Lays - 2 out of 2 bets

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's the secret to busting your bookie

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Hope that you have a great success on the Betting Industry...

Let the games begin! The 2010 MLB Season is finally here.

This season's going to be different for you!

Why you ask? Simple.

I'm going to give you a bookie busting secret we used last season to
pull seventy-nine more wins.

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James Jones, the creator of the Triple Play System, has finally released his
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Good luck,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

25.9% Bank Increase In Just 1 Week!

Hi Bettors

Hope that betting week behind you have been successful...
I thought i would take the chance to update you on the
Champion Lays trial again after a brilliant first week.

It is now clearly apparent that this is something that you
will not want to miss...the starting bank of 2,000.00 is
now up to 2,518.20 in just one week using level stakes
of 100.

A perfect week for Champion Lays - ALL 7 BETS WON.

You can still take advantage of the free trial they are
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

75 Days FREE Access...

sports betting
Hi Bettors

Hope that you enjoy on Holiday,
I suppose that you'll go out with your familly, friend and lovely in Nature...where you can feel a Spirng's beauty...
I believe that you can't forget to betting Today...before then you take betting action...let's to learn some new bet's strategy...

Yeah that's right I wanted to invite you to have 75 Days Access
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So far since the 10th January this year Champion Lays
has had 84 selections with 72 of those winning, a staggering
85.7% and I want to invite you to have unprecedented 75

The breakdown and analysis of the matches are so comprehensive and detailed that it leaves you feeling utterly confident in it's future performance and the results are utterly impressive. You can see the full results and an example of the analysis on the sign up page.. I guarantee you will be impressed with it.

They are also going to provide comprehensive World Cup coverage
and selections 12 months of the year from not only the major leagues
but also their knowledge of the summer leagues from around Eastern

So far using level stakes it has produced 28 points profit in the four
months it has been active and much more using their unique staking

This is something that no one else does in the industry and 75 Days
FREE Access is certain to make the world cup and the summer
football season that much more enjoyable and this is my
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