Friday, January 27, 2012

He beat Betfair by “changing sides”

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Hope that your betting profit is satisfied on the start of this let's continue betting education...
I’ve finally had a chance to go through John Hall’s Betting Admiral system…

And I have to say, I don’t think he’s going to have any trouble winning that bet of his.

(if you hadn’t heard yet, John took a bet that requires him to take at least 500 raw newbies from zero to solid profits – and FAST.)

Why am I so confident he’ll win?

Because just like I suspected John has delivered something totally unlike most of the publicly available info about how to make a killing on Betfair – and the people who follow his system are going to have a HUGE competitive advantage…

… by literally taking the place of the bookie, and turning the “house odds” on their head!

People like me who had their eye on John’s rapid rise to success over the past year knew he had something pretty unusual up his sleeve in order to pull down £15,000 or more every month when most punters are lucky to make beer money…

But what he’s handing people in his Betting Admiral system is something I doubt even 1% of punters (at any experience level) are on to right now.

And the best part is, this system is something that will literally never get saturated as far as I can tell, and even though some people might call it a “loophole” it’s a loophole that will never get closed down because it’s the same way the pro bookies make millions – and keep Betfair in business.

Until now, nobody I know of had figured out an easy way that didn’t require lots of money upfront or years of experience to take advantage of this “reverse the risk” way of betting on races… but John has finally blown the lid off how he does just that, day in, day out.

If you’re interested in picking this up while John’s still obsessed enough by winning this bet he made with a mate to be all but GIVING this away, check this out now...
To YOUR Success

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